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Elizabeth on why she created Vacay...

In 2008, I moved aboard a 38' sailboat with my husband to spend our honeymoon sailing halfway around the world to Australia. On that trip, living with a tiny boat "closet" and visiting some of the most glamorous ports in the world, I learned how to create the perfect capsule wardrobe.

Considering the pressure of wanting to look your best on vacation (hello social media) and somehow travel as light as possible (hello TSA and baggage fees), I figured there must be many women who would love to pick from a range of beautifully designed capsule wardrobes.

In 2015 I quit my corporate job and launched Vacay. The path of starting my own business has been both scary and rewarding. I love helping women plan their capsule wardrobes. And when I get a thank you email or a 5-star review, I know I have made their special trip even better!


Every style we make can be worn in a variety of ways and each 5-piece collection creates 15 or more unique outfits.


We hand-select every fabric to be unbelievably soft and wrinkle resistant for comfortable and easy travel. Every piece is ready to wear right out of the suitcase.


We work closely with local partners, overseeing every detail. And each style is "road tested" by our founder so you know it has a seasoned travelers stamp of approval.


All Vacay clothing is proudly made in America in the finest independent sewing shops. And our small batch production means your look will be truly unique.

We offer free shipping both ways because we know it can be daunting to try a new brand. So give us a try, and never check a bag again!!!

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