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Our Route: What Happened!?

There are many ways to circumnavigate the globe and this is probably the most popular route. Some call it the "Coconut Run" as it spends most of its time in the tropics, and that sounds good to us. It's also mostly downwind, safe, well documented and it hits several of the world's most interesting places.

As with everything cruising, this plan is subject to change. Our first curveball was a mandatory but aged mooring ball that conveniently gave way while we were at dinner. The second one was Covid-19, which made international travel all but impossible for two years. The third was an all too good to be true job opportunity to work with HH Catamarans


As of now, we have sold Archer in Sydney Harbor to another "sailing family" and have settled down in Lauderdale by the Sea in Florida. But the content will continue as sailing will always be a part of our lives and we love the beach! 

Thanks for watching all...

Archer's World Tour Map.jpg
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